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Thimmayya Rd. Raghunath Poojary at investor indusind. I'm interested in. Get your last 5 transactions via SMS. Get your available balance via SMS. Personalize Homepage. Open to all You need not be an existing IndusInd customer to apply for the loan, anyone can apply for the loan. GDT likes this. Joined: Jun 16, Member: Messages: 23, Gender: Male First Name: William League city Vehicle: tacoma crew cab sr5 4x4 Snorkel, ome s, Dakar leaf pack, magnaflow exhaust, arb front bumper, shrockworks rear bumper. I'm curious what Wheeler's Off-Road Inc has to say.

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Mine, and plenty of others on tw have had fantastic interactions with them. Blais03 , DrFunker and hoverlover like this. I just want them to admit they dropped the ball with QA on the order. TacoTRD78 likes this.

Sony a9 Conspiracies, Banding & Overheating

I had a good interaction with them and wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. Rattletrap66 , Mar 27, Rear 63s. Invoice says 05 and up.

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That was a bunch of bs having to do a shit ton of work. Had to cut the tabs off and make new ones. What takes normally 2 hours took 6 hours because of this. Timbo's Customs , Mar 27, Coot83 , Mar 27, Trident [OP] likes this. We read that info after everything was cut off because it said 05 plus. Learned a lesson check everything even if it says it fits.

Got it back together. Until then, they had the for all the earlier Taco's.

IIT-Hyderabad start-up to launch long-range, high-performance electric 2-wheelers

Please show that to the members, the one you emailed us today. You ordered the wrong parts and welded them on your truck before letting us know something was wrong. Your order confirmation plainly showed the parts you ordered being for We have a very lenient return and remedy policy but there's not a ton we can do for you after you've welded them on your truck.

You want to keep the parts and get a FULL refund, it just doesn't work that way. We're very sorry your order went sideways, we want everyone to be happy.

We were happy to work with you still on a partial credit or an in-house credit but a full refund on parts you ordered in error without any parts returned to us won't happen. Wheeler's Off-Road Inc , Mar 27, Rattletrap66 likes this. Joined: Apr 1, Member: Messages: 5, Lighten up Francis.