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Days Supply 0 Special Feature Caffeine Free 1. Gluten Free 6. No Artificial Flavors 5. No Preservatives 5.

Sugar Free 4. More Options Ship to Store New Item 6. Items per page: items per page 24 48 Find at a store Add to cart. Like your favorite k-cup makers such as Green Mountain, Dunkin Donuts, and others.

Wacky Wednesday Weekly K-Cup Deals 5/21/14

Many of these offer free samples via their pages and when they do, you typically get samples to try. That is a great value!

You can also do a Google search for k-cup free samples, and see what you can dig up. There are offers out there, you just need to find them! Check discount grocers. More and more discount grocers are carrying generic varieties of k-cups. Give these discounted cups a try and see how you like them.

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While you may have your name brand favorites, it is worth checking out the less pricier brands too to see if they are a good substitution for any of the prier brands. Aldi had a test run on K-Cups and I am hoping they bring them back as a regular item quite a bit cheaper than paying full price at another grocer.

Try Store Brands.

Top Selected Products and Reviews

Test out the store brands to see if you care for the tastes. Store brand K-Cups are always quite a bit cheaper. A few weeks back we tried out the Kroger Simple Truth Coffee Pods and they are now one of my favorites. Store brands will quite often be included in weekly sales circulars.

So stock up when you notice a sale. It is so annoying. I understand the desire to be eco friendly and applaud the active role this company has taken, but when it effects Love this coffee!! It is the perfect strength for my taste using the largest setting on my Keurig.

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Even if using a smaller cup size, it is not bitter at all. Just goes to show that some original products don't need any improvement. Let's face it, if you're here shopping for a cost break via the ct. What a huge relief to discover the positive reviews for Caza Trail Dark Roast are spot on. It is, indeed, absolutely delicious. On the prowl for a good deal, I've purchased the count of other dark roast k-cups from club stores and felt reasonably satisfied with the taste.

But nothing about the rich full bodied flavor of this roast suggest any cost cutting measures. In fact, there are some wonderful complex tones in this brew that rival far more expensive blends. Sure, it's just a cup of coffee, but it's really good and the price makes it even more appealing. I finally found my go-to coffee. McD's coffee has always been the best part of their menu and the K-Cups taste exactly like what you get there at the restaurant. See All Buying Options. I have had the SS for about a week now.

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Seems good value and works way better than my old Keurig that had to be replaced about every year. I like the selection of cup sizes, especially 12 oz. My only con is if you expect Stainless Steel you are out of luck, it is plastic and pretty light weight. Overall it looks good and seems to be a good buy.

This is a great alternative to those expensive pods. The only thing that would make it better would be paper filters. I have started using Melitta singe serve size filters between the basket and the micro screen, this eliminates a lot of the sediment. I have added a photo of where I put the filter.